One Museum Place will be overseen by Hines Property Management, including Operations and Engineering. Hines’ objective is to create environments that so enhance occupants’ experience that it would be difficult for our tenants to imagine conducting their business in a property that is not operated by Hines. Property management teams provide superior service through personal interaction and maintenance of high-quality amenities. We collaborate with tenants through one-on-one meetings, surveys and other tenant engagement programs to create work spaces that complement our tenants’ business objectives. Hines engineering teams maintain their focus on maximizing building performance, reducing the cost of operations and improving the comfort of occupants. The Hines portfolio is sustainably operated through improving energy, water and waste performance and enhancing the environment.

  • Hines management over 20.9 milion sq. m of office. retail and industrial property worldwide.
  • Our seneor management is the most tenured in the industry, averaging 25 years of service with the company.

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