WELL Platinum (V2 Pilot)
  • Certified in October 2021
  • Achieved over 80% of the provided targets
LEED Platinum
  • C&S certification in May 2019
  • O&M certification in October 2021
  • One of the first office towers in Shanghai
  • Top 2% in Greater China, Top 4% worldwide
RESET Air Certification for Core & Shell
  • Certified in October 2019
  • Fulltime indoor air quality manager on-site
RICS China Awards 2021 Excellence
  • Certified in July 2021
  • Sustainability Achievement of the Year
MIPIM Asia Pacific Awards
  • Certified in 2019
  • Best Green Development
ULI Asia Pacific Awards
  • Certified in 2022
  • Asia Pacific Award For Excellence

Pure, Healthy Air

State of the art air filtration and handling systems in One Museum Place offer the cleanest air commercially available. The precisely monitored and controlled temperature, humidity and filtration systems also feature:

  • Filtering through MERV 8 & MERV 13 filters on all HVAC equipment.
  • A germicidal system, featuring Ultra-Violet Lights.
  • Advanced PM2.5 indoor air quality monitoring system.
  • Fulltime indoor air quality manager on-site.

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